While Santa Magdala Hotel Boutique started in the 2020 summer, the place has a close relationship with Ensenada's Golden Age, join us to walk through this interesting history.

There is an entire tradition that, for over 80 years, has witnessed countless visits from important Hollywood personalities, whom in the 30s/40s decades loved visiting this Mexican jewel located at the Pacific.

"The King Of Ensenada” that’s how Arturo Barreda was known. He was born in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora, march 17th 1908. At the age of 16, he goes to the northern land of Baja California and starts working at the Casio Agua Caliente, in Tijuana. Later, he knew about the construction of the Hotel y Casino Riviera del Pacífico, known today as the Centro Social, Cívico y Cultural Riviera de Ensenada, this was the reason why he changes his location to work in this historic building. Here, after having worked in different areas, and due to his great skills and charisma with guests, he became in charge of the administration and public relationships of the property.

In 1936 he acquired the ranch and built two bungalows and a little sun-dried brick house where a Maria Magdalena's 18th century sphynx is found. Having a friendship with so many artists at the Riviera del Pacífico, Arturo Barreda invited them to know the property, eat, horse riding and perhaps a few tequilas. Some of these personalities had the opportunity to spend the night in the bungalows.

When the Riviera del Pacífico closed its doors, Arturo Barreda opens El Patio Hotel. The place was located at 2nd Street, between Blancarte and Alvarado street, nowadays you can find the Social Security offices. At the early 80s he closed it and decided to retire in his ranch.

We've tried to preserve this historic legacy, and we're glad to share it with our visitors through log books, furniture, personal articles and autographed photographs from Hollywood important personalities like: Antonio Moreno, Alan Dinehart, Margarte L. Smith, Jean Harlow, Neil Hamilton, Bill Hicke, Charles Ruggles, Robert Woosley, Berth Weeler, Vince Barnet, among others.